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Private archives


Save the documentary fond of state administration, the Albanian National Archives take in charge records from the archives and cultural institutions of private origin.  

The origin of private archives

The private archives are handed over from celebrities who have connection with the Albanian State, such as:  

  • Distinguished representatives in politics, science, economy, ad culture 

The Albanian National Archives admit and preserve records of juridical personalities of national level, for example: 

  • Political parties,
  • Humanitarian organizations,
  • National exhibitions,
  • Albanian organizations which act out of the country. 
Taking over the private archives

If you happen to have records that meet the terms above-mentioned, you may offer your private archives so that they may be taken over by the Albanian National Archives.

So, do not hesitate to contact the Albanian National Archives. 


The taking in charge of the private archives and the listing is made according to the criteria as defined by the Albanian National Archives. 

The modalities how to take over private archives are subject to a written agreement between the person who hands the records over and the Albanian National Archives.



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